Why Automate?


Immediate information available to those who need it.

Always on

Things don't stop when you do.

Saves time

No more manual processing.


No more lost paperwork or payments.


Always up to date.

Customer delight

Impress and save their time too.


Quickly manage changes.


All information available via your phone.


1. Event booking system


Event bookings managed through paper forms and cheque payments sent via Australia Post. Very time consuming to manage, regular problems with missing entries and information sharing between organisers.


All bookings successfully completed and managed through an online website solution. $10,000 revenue securely collected and accounted for. Organiser administration burden smashed. Last minute event changes easily managed and communicated. Squads promoted through attractive webpages.


  • Information capture and storage solution including easily accessible data backups and downloads
  • Secure customer payment either online using credit / debit cards, or offline using EFT
  • Confirmation emails to customers
  • Email broadcast to customers
  • Management information reporting
  • Promotional photo gallery of previous events
  • Restricted access area for organisers

Benefits over other solutions considered

  • Tailor made, does not require user configuration
  • Easily captures the right event specific information
  • Low online transaction fees. Money goes straight to the recipient. Easy refunds. Easy to interface with accounting software
  • Tiered restricted access levels

2. Membership registration system


Membership managed through paper forms and cheque payments sent via Australia Post. Regular problems knowing membership status. Very time consuming to manage.


All affiliations managed through an online website solution. Membership status publically and immediately available online. All re-affiliations completed far faster than in previous years. New online members directory.

Further features available

  • Monthly or recurring payment memberships
  • Online signature eliminates physical document collection and storage

3. Always up to date personal calendar for club events

This solution is for clubs who want to make it easy for their members to have upcoming events in their personal smart phone diary.

Why might you consider filofix?

  • You regularly handle paper forms and/or cheque payments; and/or
  • You have paper based information that you would like to be able to share between people elsewhere; or
  • You have another routine administrative task that would bring dramatic customer experience or productivity improvements if upgraded; and/or
  • You think that there must be a better way of organising things, but need someone to work it out for you.
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